Future Supply (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

Future Supply (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary incorporated in May 2021 and it is specialized in coal and aluminum ingots supply chain financing service and trading. At present, Future Supply only provides its supply chain financing services to the large state owned enterprises, listed public companies, and other customers with good credit and reputation.

Coal and Aluminum Ingots Supply Chain Financing Service and Trading
Since the second quarter of 2021, we started coal supply chain financing service and trading business. Since the third quarter of 2021, we started aluminum ingots supply chain financing service and trading business.
Our supply chain finance business mainly serves the receivables and payables for industrial customers, obtains the creditor’s rights or rights of commodity goods for large state-owned enterprises through trade execution, provides customers with working capital, accelerates capital turnover, and then expands the business scale and improves the industrial value.
Through our supply chain service ability and customer resources, we can tap into low-risk assets, flexibly carry out financial services around the actual financial needs of certain industries, and reduce the overall risk of the business by using the control of business flow, goods logistics and capital flow in the process of commodity circulation.
We focus on bulk coal and aluminum ingots and take large state-owned or listed companies as the core service targets; We use our own funds as the operation basis, actively uses a variety of channels and products of financing, such as banks, commercial factoring companies, accounts receivable, asset-backed securities, and other innovative financing methods to obtain sufficient funds.
We sign purchase and sale agreements with suppliers and buyers. The suppliers are responsible for the supply and transportation of coal to the end users’ designated freight yard or transfer the title of aluminum ingots to us in certain warehouses. We select the customers and suppliers that have good credit and reputation.