FTFT Finance UK Ltd

FTFT Finance UK Ltd. (FTFT Finance) is a UK-based Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated authorized payment institution which operates a financial platform for transferring money through one of its agent locations or via its online portal, mobile platform or over the phone. FTFT Finance (d/b/a Khyber Exchange) was incorporated in February 2009, is headquartered in the UK and has offices in Germany and Italy. 

The Company believes that FTFT Finance is an emerging enterprise in the UK remittance market and a pioneer in the UK finance industry for money remittance services. FTFT Finance strives to not just meet but exceed its customer’s expectations and is well positioned to meet the growing customer demand for transferring money around the world. Our plan is to develop our products and services across different regions of the world and become a global name in money remittance services. 

FTFT Finance is a financial platform that enables our customers to send their hard-earned money to their country of origin, or any other country of their liking, with ease. Unlike some of our competitors we accomplish this at a reasonable cost, transparent exchange rate and without any hidden charges. What also differentiates us from other companies in the sector is that we highly value all of customer’s country origins, appreciate the world’s diversity of people and respect different values and norms. We believe that it is our understanding of our customers and their diverse backgrounds that has helped FTFT Finance to become a highly credible and trustworthy money remittance business.