Chain Cloud Shopping Mall

Chain Cloud Mall adopts a "multi-vendor hosted stores + platform self-hosted stores" model. The platform supports various marketing methods, including point rewards programs, coupons, live webcasts, game interaction, and social media sharing. Besides the blockchain-powered features, CCM is also fully equipped with the same functions and services that other Chinese leading traditional e-commerce platforms provide.

Due to the lack of new member subscriptions caused by restrictions on our promotion strategy for the control of spread of COVID-19, we have transformed the CCM shopping mall from a member based platform to a sale agent based eCAAS platform since the second quarter of 2021. The eCAAS platform is entrusted by the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee to run its Responsible Brand Program.
Anti-Counterfeiting Committee reviews and accepts the companies to join its Responsible Brand Program. After acceptance, these companies are authorized to use 315 anti-counterfeiting labels on their products and sell them on our eCAAS platform. The companies can also use sales agents to sell their products on our eCAAS platform and parties can negotiate the commission percentages for the products sold. Any new sales agent must be recommended by existing agents and pay a one-time fee to the eCAAS platform to be admitted as the authorized agent to provide sales agent services on the platform.