Ola Lind appointed as one of the 2022 Ambassadors by GBBC

Feb 24,2022

News Provided By: mystartupworld.com

The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), has announced the appointment of Ola Lind as one of its 2022 Ambassadors.
The Global Blockchain Business Council is an organization advancing the adoption of blockchain technology. Their 2022 Ambassadors are a handpicked group of innovators and disruptors with an emphasis on technology, governance, law, finance, civil society, and academia.


Ola Lind is one of three ambassadors representing the United Arab Emirates, including Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan and Makki Ibrahim. He joins 179 Ambassadors from 86 jurisdictions in six continents that make up a select group of leaders in technology, government, and academia that will contribute to the growth of GBBC’s global community, presence, and influence.

“I am pleased and honored to be joining Global Blockchain Business Council’s 2022 Ambassador Cohort. I am confident that my contribution and guidance will make a positive impact and most importantly help the organization to achieve its overall goal,” said Lind.