UAE students to get free entry at Global Cloud Summit with FTFT Capital

Dec 14,2021

News Provided By: Gulf News Peport

FTFT Capital, a UAE-based financial technology company investing in blockchain technology companies, announced today that it will be offering UAE students an opportunity to attend the upcoming GDCSS summit in Abu Dhabi from December 15 to 17.

The GDCSS Summit will feature a series of events and discussions featuring captivating keynote speeches by among others the real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort, Peter Hopwood, Natalie Brunwell, Brett King, Dr Yana Leonova. To make it more interactive and entertaining for the students, the summit will also include engaging Ted-Talk-style presentations, informative short-form presentations and insightful on-stage discussions.

According to the FTFT Capital spokesperson, UAE students will not only be exposed to the future of technology and its impact but also get a chance to win a bitcoin for those who register and attend. They will also get a deeper understanding of the evolution of the internet in relation to innovations such as NFTs, metaverse and decentralization.

Students who register to attend the summit will also get an exclusive opportunity to witness the latest and emerging technology showcased by various innovators and blockchain players. As part of their participation, they will also get a chance to immerse themselves in the tech space by securing internships with leading blockchain companies present at the FTFT Capital Booth.

“We are proud to announce an exciting opportunity for UAE students to attend the eagerly awaited GDCSS Summit in Abu Dhabi. We strongly believe that this platform will not only expose these students to emerging technologies but also most importantly, how these new innovations, especially in blockchain will disrupt and impact industries. The students will also learn more about the blockchain ecosystem while also getting ideas for entrepreneurship and app development,” said Ola Lind, director, FTFT Capital.

Apart from giving the students an understanding of where the world of technology is headed, they will also learn more about emerging opportunities in the Fintech space, especially since studies show that most GenZs do not agree with the current financial system and are mostly concerned about student debts.

GDCSS, whose core focus ranges from enterprise and government adoption of Blockchain to its diversity and social impact in a fast-changing world, will bring together a team of 200 leading experts interested in advancing Blockchain technologies in a bid to deliver the latest insights for financial services leaders.

The summit will also act as a guide for students that want to pursue careers in the tech industry as well as provide interesting and unique content and perspective for their thesis and university projects on metaverse.

Students attending the two-day summit can also visit the FTFT Capital Investment booth for more information about the internship opportunities. The GDCSS summit aims to engage its audience of over 20,000 invitees from 2,000 global enterprises in current topics influencing the rapidly growing digital space.