FTFT CEO Meets with Executive Director of the Bahamas Securities Commission

Jun 21,2022

NEW YORK, June 22 , 2022 -- Future FinTech Group Inc. (NASDAQ: FTFT) ("hereinafter referred to as "Future FinTech", "FTFT" or "the Company"), a blockchain application technology developer and fintech service provider, announced today that Mr. Shanchun Huang, the Company's Chief Executive Officer, met with Ms. Christina Rolle, the Executive Director of the Bahamas Securities Commission, in Nassau, the Bahamas. The purpose of the visit was to introduce the Company and its financial service technology, asset management / cryptocurrency investment management, and crypto market data service businesses to Ms. Rolle and discuss the possibility of opening an FTFT office in the Bahamas.

Mr. Shanchun Huang, CEO of Future FinTech commented, “We are interested in establishing an office in the Bahamas since it offers a beneficial climate for financial technology and service companies to operate. The Bahamian government has implemented a relatively free and open financial policy and foreign companies can carry out financial activities without onerous regulations. Further, foreign companies and their assets are not subject to foreign exchange control regulations.”

“We are pleased to have met with the Executive Director of the Bahamas Securities Commission and appreciate Ms. Rolle's introduction to her country's financial policies and regulations, and we appreciate her interest in our establishing a presence there. We view the Bahamas as an ideal financial environment in which to operate our leading-edge financial services ecosystem and further expand the value chain of our fintech services,” CEO Shanchun Huang concluded.

The Bahamas has more than 500 international financial institutions and nearly 400 foreign banks in Nassau alone and its international lending business ranks fourth in the world after the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan, according to Wikipedia. Many Western companies have expanded their overseas banking business to the Bahamas due to its beneficial financial climate. The Company intends to explore the potential of establishing an office in the Bahamas and will commence with further due diligence with this goal in mind.