Sir Huang Shanchun Meets with Archduke of Austria

Nov 08,2022

On November 7, Sir Huang Shanchun met with HIRH Prince Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, the Archduke of Austria, at the Schloss Schonbrunn in Vienna. The two sides conducted in-depth communication on the establishment of a bank in Switzerland through the cooperation between the Habsburg Family Trust and the Future Fintech Group.

His Royal Highness Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen is the Archduke of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia. He also maintains close relationships with more than 30 royal families around the world.

The House of Habsburg is one of the most prominent dynasties in European history. The origins can be traced back more than 800 years to the Holy Roman Emperors. Since then, the House have produced many emperors and kings, ruled the European in succession. Another branch, the Spanish Habsburgs, ushered the "Age of Expansion" and were the first European rulers to establish an empire upon which the sun never set.