Nice Talent Asset Management

Nice Talent Asset Management Limited (NTAM) was acquired for 90% equity by FTFT Group in August 2021. Founded in 2018, NTAM is licensed under the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong ("SFC") to carry out regulated activities in 'Type 4: Advising on Securities' and 'Type 9: Asset Management.' With an Asset Under Management of about US$194 Million as of July 2021, the NTAM team seeks quality investments for its clients and establishes a long-term relationship with stakeholders.

Asset Management Service.
NTAM engages assets management and advisory services. NTAM’s main revenue is generated from providing professional advices to customers and management fees for managing the investment of the clients.  NTAM is licensed under the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC) for carrying out regulated activities in “Advising on Securities” and “Asset Management”. NTAM offers diversified asset management portfolio for professional investors. Assets of NTAM’s clients are held in banks, where clients gave the banks their authorization allowing NTAM to place trading instructions on behalf of the clients in order to manage the clients’ assets.
NTAM mainly engages in following asset management services for its clients:
(1) Equity Investment
NTAM manages clients’ investment portfolio in stocks of the companies listed on the international markets with strong liquidity. At the same time, it selects companies that have unique or differentiated businesses, realizing above average profit growth.
(2) Debt investment
When NTAM manages clients’ investment portfolio in bonds that are denominated in major international currencies such as US dollar, euro and sterling, the issuer of debts shall have good credit rating and asset liability ratio. Through active management, NTAM focus on bonds with higher yield to maturity among bonds with the same maturity and credit rating.
(3) Precious metals and currencies investment
NTAM also manages clients’ investment portfolio in major international currencies and precious metals, including US dollar, euro, British pound, Japanese yen, Australian dollar and offshore Chinese yuan. Precious metals include gold, platinum and silver. With research on the fundamentals of market supply and demand to predict the trend of commodity prices, NTAM endeavors to improve the rate of return for clients through dual currency investment, options and structured products.
(4) Derivative Investment
NTAM also manages clients’ investment portfolio in financial derivatives in different